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Black suede split leather chaps with a stretch panel for a snug fit while giving you the ability to freely move. Perfect for the rider that prefers suede chaps.  Also available are the back panels to give extra room at the waist and we also carry Zipper Inserts to add extra room around the leg for in-between-sized customers. These are a one-piece of split leather chap, NOT a two-piece that is connected/sewn at the knee. Grab a pair and try them for your next show and you will agree that these are one of your best show attire investments without breaking the bank.

Due to the fact that we are now not being reimbursed for the fees on refunding items, we are forced to charge a 5% restock fee on returns. 

Exchanges are no extra charge 

Waist extenders and chap extenders both available on the website

XS Adult

Thigh 21

Inseam 36


Outseam 40.5
Waist up to 33.5

Small Adult
Thigh 22.5
Inseam 35.5
Outseam 41
Waist up to 35"

Medium Adult 
Thigh 24.5"
Inseam 36.5"
Outseam 42.5"
Waist up to 38"

Large Adult
Thigh 25.5" 
Inseam 37.5"
Outseam 44"
Waist up to 38"

XL Adult 
Thigh 27"
Inseam 37.5"
Outseam 43.5"
Waist up to 43.5"

2XL Adult

Thigh 28.5"

Inseam 37.5"

Outseam 43.5"

Waist up to 47"